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Brat was born in Paris in May 1968 where he still lives and works.

He first became a director after having worked in various technical occupations in the film industry. Self-taught, he feeds his imagination with the most diverse forms of art, from cinema to painting, from music to photography, from cartoons to pop culture. So many images, encounters, emotions that nourish his universe and anchor him in a certain «shifted reality» as an observer of the permanent mutation of a world that resembles us.

On his paintings, material and color are one and the same. The strength of the “collective unconscious”… These images that we have already seen, that we know, that we have sometimes forgotten reflect and strike our spirit! Every painting brings back intimate feelings… It is up to everyone to rebuild their own nostalgia, their memory and their perception of the world around them.
In his art there is an obvious bias of observation, point of view and direction. An art resolutely turned towards the public, which expresses its permanent astonishment of the regressive, individualistic and cynical world! Anticonformist and iconoclast, Brat plunges back into his memories as much as he likes to probe the present, giving his works a certain derision of humour, violence, parody and sometimes poetry. A work that rests essentially on its permanent astonishment of absurdity and wonder.

The chosen themes play on space time with aesthetics and superimposition. Shades of grey and bright colours blend and support each other… Brat reinvents, gives another meaning to images, he injects new life into them to tell another story. He mainly uses aerosol and stencil techniques, in a simple precise or runny layer, or in thick multilayers giving relief, all enhanced with acrylic. Some works, sometimes composed with abundance and complexity, reflect the random puzzle of his imagination, his memories. You have to sit down and look, look into the details, search the different layers. Others, more sober and conceptual, reveal a mood, a thought, reinventing the instantaneous 'Polaroid'.

For him, art is an impulsive wave… adding life to life.