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Danu is a creator of silhouettes and emotions from his inner self. Self-educated sculptor, he starts exhibiting at 18 years old :  women and exotics animals carved with wire and nails. His success his fulgurant and his talent recognizable by the whole art world he’s frequenting.


During all his career Danu is modeling bodies and emotions represented by a silhouette : the body language talks with posture and gesture.


It’s been more than 20 years that Danu is working with steel, his favorite material that he cuts precisely in order to reveal to the world « the eternal female » and « the animal grace » at human scale and with vibrant color.


His silhouettes are made to be outside, precisely near by a swimming pool, in the garden and the lobby. The full-scale sculptures, their grace by a dedicated work of cut and the fact that they are very thin and half-transparent subjugate the observer… When the sun lays down on it, the sculptures are alive thanks to the shades and above all the wonderful work of cut and imaginative design by Danu.


The famous Sculpture Park in London is permanently displaying his sculptures as well as many french and european private place such as the Hotel Miramar in Biarritz or the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Genève. His sales in auction at the « Summers actions » sponsored by the prestigious auction’s house "Sotheby’s"  remain relevant and exponential. .