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Mikaël Vojinovic, was introduced to photography as a young 10 year old boy. First taking photos of his then girlfriend, it was something that came naturally to Mikaël.  The camera acts as a magic wand with which Mikaël produces something ineffable, innocent and intriguing. A look, a posture, an aura that only the camera is able to capture for eternity. 

His photography is intended to honor the feminine subject. A way for him to portray the female essence. 


Mikaël Vojinovic, uses the word “raw” to describe his artistic practice. His process is impromptu and unrehearsed in order to obtain the most genuine and profound representation of his subject .


No artificial light or much editing is used in his photographs. He is deeply in touch with his subjects' unique and sensual nature. He is inspired by the surrounded environment that is spontaneously chosen as the background of his images. The result is a portfolio of pictures that tell reverent stories of sex and rock'n'roll. 


His client base consists but is not limited to Dior, Fred, Villebrequin , Cacharel, Rado, Watch, Sigg, S, Simons, Virgin and Mother Agency. His work is found regularly published in international magazines such as Elle, Maxim, W, Ludlow, Oyster and Soma. 

All our photo prints are original, and limited edition


The work is signed and will be sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, on the front or the back of the work.

For works in limited editions they are individually numbered. The prints are made by the photographers themselves or drawn under their control by a specialized professional laboratory.


All photographs on our website have the artwork tax status. The French tax regulations consider as a work of art, «photographs taken by the artist, taken by him or under his control, signed and numbered within the limit of thirty copies, in all formats and media», in regard to Article 98 A of Annex 3 of the General Tax Code.


Price of works not framed, printed in 15 copies:

Size 30 x 45cm     : 850€

Size 50 x 75cm     : 1 250€

Size 90 x 120cm   : 2 350€