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Various things happen under Richard Métais's hairdo. For 13 years he has been dedicated to metal sculpture, the artist born and living in Vendée brings to life figures of great expression; they are sometimes mocking, sarcastic, romantic and generous.

From his industrial training in metallurgy, Richard Métais has maintained a perfect mastery of steel work, which he uses with the highest sensitivity, always paying attention to his feelings.

Richard Métais, in his moments of creation, sees himself as an intermediary.

He digs his soul, fights, struggles, and is also shipwrecked. But he lives with it. And sometimes in this confusion everything becomes clear. The sculpture is born, gushes out, the artist lets himself be guided. He lets himself be inspired. It is no longer a question of meaning to be found, of reasons, of questions, of doubts. The connection is made. Simply. The forms, the materials are essential. The articulations of life, encounters, accumulated intuitions are made. Everything goes fast. Finally, the sculpture is there. Present. Unique. 

He has been awarded several prizes: sculpture prize, public prize, special mentions, guest of honour at art fairs, and his work is appreciated by collectors throughout Europe.