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TITO/MULK is, before all, an encounter between two people passioned about drawing. Both of them studied graphic design : they met in an advertising agency where they used to « decorate » the open space with impertinent scribbles.

Since then, they never left each other. They quickly moved from paper to canvas : now, they try different supports, such as walls, furniture or sculptures. The duo also produces installations and customizes objects taken form pop culture or street culture.

The two former members of the 59 Rivoli now present their work in galleries and collaborate with prestigious brands such as Adidas, BMW and the Paris-Saint-Germain. They describe themselves as members of the « figurative/narrative » movement. They also enjoy live painting on different occasions such as the Context Art Fair Miami.

The work of TITO/MULK reinvents a rich world with a new aesthetic : this work’s origin is the fear of a life precisely planned. The contrast between black and white brings out an opposition to oppression, so as to denounce the great contemporary sufferings. Through this total commitment, Tito and Mulk compose «exquisite corpses» in a perfect harmony.


Their plastic vocabulary finds its roots in their childhood imagery but also in their desires. The Superheroes and metamorphic monsters universe mixes sex and drugs in a destabilizing antagonism which is actually characteristic of our current society.


The density of their designs accentuates this hysterical jungle. However, the harmony and expertise regarding the organization of the different plans and perspectives, reveals the artists’ true intention, which is to find balance and make their way into this confused global situation.

In 1964, The Narrative Figuration, through Edouardo Arroyo, announced that : "The program is to fully participate in reality. Which means accusing, denouncing, proclaiming and not fleeing taboo subjects such as sexuality or politics ». Today, the passed societal situation has known an exacerbation. It is necessary to get out of the deadlock, to get out of color in order to refocus and follow a chosen matured path.


Denouncing is no longer enough. TITO/MULK are closer to nowadays preoccupations : they search a road, they open a path.


TITO/MULK always work on several project at a time : it allows them to go from one another, whenever they want, in order to diversify their lines and inspirations, but also in order to clear their heads. This is one of the reasons of their incapacity to measure precisely the time spent on a single artwork.

Before starting each painting, they discuss three major elements : the format, the themes and the general composition.


Once everything is in place, they start drawing : they use Posca and black and white acrylic. Their drawings then multiply. They are inspired by the « exquisite corpse » method. Each one answers to the drawing made by the other, adding their own designs on every painting : it seems they are having a conversation through drawing. When the painting is over, each one of the painters covered half the total graphic volume.

TITO/MULK are interested in talking about the human being but also in placing him at the center of our modern society, with all the paradoxes and anxieties it represents.

In order to accentuate visual oppression, they use an accumulation effect which combines drawing and typography. They also leave empty areas in order to allow the spectator’s eye to take a break from the visual concentration it had to endure.